When Supergirl Becomes Her Own Kryptonite : Learning to Accept Life with Anxiety

This is what I’ve learned from my journey so far with anxiety. No one’s journey is exactly the same, but maybe someone can relate and take comfort that we’re not alone in this sometimes silent struggle. Talking about it takes away some of its power and the stigma will continue until more of us speak […]


Clueless Featured Incest and Other Movie Points That Bother Me If I Stop to Think About It.

[Warning: Contains Spoilers of Movies that You’ve Probably Seen. I’m Being Courteous.] Clueless (1995). Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone’s characters hook up at the end. “Hello?” They establish their relationship at the beginning of the movie as step siblings. I get that their parents were only married briefly but still kinda gross. Harry Potter Series […]

Pet Peeves: 30s vs. 20s

Things That Bothered Me In My 20s That Don’t So Much In My 30s. As I near the end of my 30s, I realize a lot of things that invoked ire in my 20s are no big deal now.  Here’s my top three: 1.  Friends canceling plans last minute.  Hey, chances are I didn’t feel […]