Clueless Featured Incest and Other Movie Points That Bother Me If I Stop to Think About It.

[Warning: Contains Spoilers of Movies that You’ve Probably Seen. I’m Being Courteous.] Clueless (1995). Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone’s characters hook up at the end. “Hello?” They establish their relationship at the beginning of the movie as step siblings. I get that their parents were only married briefly but still kinda gross. Harry Potter Series […]

Pet Peeves: 30s vs. 20s

Things That Bothered Me In My 20s That Don’t So Much In My 30s. As I near the end of my 30s, I realize a lot of things that invoked ire in my 20s are no big deal now.  Here’s my top three: 1.  Friends canceling plans last minute.  Hey, chances are I didn’t feel […]